Bedford’s Best Day Trips

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When you feel like taking the family on a day trip or short weekend adventure in the Bedford, Ohio, area, you’re in luck. Our team at North Coast Auto Mall has put together a list of places you can visit and things to do within a three-hour drive from our lovely town of Bedford.

Visit the Akron Art Museum

Outside area of a museum

Museums” licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr by US Department of State

Museums” licensed under  CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr by US Department of State

Visit the Akron Art Museum when you want to see various genres of modern and contemporary art created after 1850. The mission of the Akron Art Museum is to promote awareness and appreciation of fine modern art. You’ll find rotating exhibitions including Continuum: Historical Resonances in Contemporary Art, More is More: Visual Richness in Contemporary Art, and The 10,000 Things exhibit which highlights outside artwork. Before you leave the Akron Art Museum, be sure to stop in the museum’s store to pick up unique art pieces.

Location: 1 S. High St. in Akron

See Brandywine Falls at Cuyahoga Valley National Park

See the spectacular 60-foot Brandywine Falls when you take a day trip over to Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This is an easy place to return to as the seasons change. Spring brings wildflowers, summer full-green trees, fall changing colors of the leaves, and in winter, the area becomes peaceful and silent when the snow begins to fall.

You can hike over the series of boardwalks and stairs that lead you along Brandywine Creek to a viewing area of the falls. As you stroll along, take a close look at the sandstone walls of the gorge to see individual grains of sand from 320 million years ago embedded in the Berea Sandstone. After you’ve taken pictures of Brandywine Falls, hike the 1.4-mile Brandywine Gorge Loop trail for more stunning views of the area.

Location: 8176 Brandywine Rd. in Northfield

Shop the Boutique Stores in Granville

Whether you’re looking for gifts for yourself or for someone special on your list, you’ll find unique items when you shop at the boutique stores in Granville. This charming town looks and feels like a New England village with lots of privately owned shops, galleries, book stores, and restaurants.

Stop at Kussmaul Gallery to pick up distinguished art, merchandise, and art supplies. At Cedar & Thread, you can shop for women’s stylish clothes, shoes, and unusual accessories. You can also find unique pieces of home decor and furniture items from Cedar & Thread. After a day of shopping in Granville, stop by any of the local eateries found along the main shopping area of Granville.

Location: Granville, Ohio

Visit the Yoder’s Amish Home in Millersburg

See what Amish farm life was like in the late 1800s when you spend the day at Yoder’s Amish Home in Millersburg. In 1983, the current owners of the farm and home, Eli and Gloria Yoder refurbished the farmhouse, fixed up the grounds, and opened it up for visitors.

The Yoder Amish Home gives you a glimpse of the Amish community and culture so you can understand its history and how current Amish families live today. One of the best ways to learn about the Amish community is to take a 30-40 minute docent-led guided tour of the house and the property. See artifacts, clothing, and farm tools used by historic Amish families, pet farm animals in the barn built in 1885, and sit at one of the desks in the old schoolroom.

Kids of all ages will get a thrill taking a buggy ride around the hayfield; make sure and pack a lunch to enjoy under one of the shaded picnic areas. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop to pick up handcrafted Amish crafts such as aprons, pot holders, quilts, and stunning wall hangings. When you visit the bakery, you can stock up on homemade bread, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. Consider buying some of the canned goods and pickles to give as gifts for those back home.

Location: 6050 State Route 515

Stop by the Pro Football Hall of Fame

If you’re a football fan, you’ll want to take a day trip to Canton to visit the very popular Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Pro Football Hall of Fame, which began in 1963, pays honor to the many pro football athletes in the National Football League as well as the 32 NFL clubs and entities throughout the United States. For three reasons the Pro Football Hall of Fame resides in Canton — the Professional Football Association, now known as the National Football League, was founded in Canton; the Canton Bulldogs were some of the first pro football players in the league; and the citizens of Canton rallied to have this important hall of fame designated to their city. 

As you wander the Pro Football Hall of Fame, you’ll see posters, photographs, and trophies of some of the best football players including San Francisco 49ers Joe Montana, the Miami Dolphins Dan Marino, and the New England Patriots Tom Brady.

Location: 2121 George Halas Drive NW in Canton

Relax in the Tranquility Salt Caves

Relax and rejuvenate when you spend time at the Tranquility Salt Caves. Salt therapy, called halotherapy may have healing benefits to the human body. The room at Tranquility Salt Caves is lined with over 10,000 pounds of Himalayan pink salt that consists of over 84 trace minerals the body can absorb. Using halotherapy may help reduce inflammation in the body and help improve respiratory function. Other services include a massaging hydrobed and a quartz crystal light bed.

Location: 30 Dillmont Drive in Columbus

Our team at North Coast Auto Mall hopes you enjoy visiting these local spots and attractions near Bedford. Which spot was your favorite and which one would you visit again? If you know of a great place for a day trip near Bedford that we missed, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll add your recommendation to our list.

If you’d like a used vehicle to help you get to these awesome places, our friendly and professional staff members can help you find the perfect car for your budget and driving needs.


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