Best Bike Trails Near Bedford, OH

Cycling and biking regularly can help you improve your health and give you the opportunity to explore your community. Bedford has many biking trails that will help you venture out into nature and get in some quality exercise. These are some of our top picks for biking trails near Bedford, Ohio.

Bedford Reservation Trails

Biker in Bedford, Ohio

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The Bedford Reservation is one of many Cleveland parks and is also a National Natural Landmark. The park offers over 100 miles of trails that you can use to explore the park while cycling. One trail, the Bedford Reservation All Purpose Trail, is 7.6 miles long and offers a scenic view of the natural fauna and flora in the area. 

After biking, you can enjoy a picnic by Tinker’s Creek or underneath a big tree in Forbes Woods. The Bedford Reservation is only a five-minute drive from the center of Bedford, making it easily accessible to Bedford residents.

Bedford to South Chagrin Reservation

The Bedford to South Chagrin Reservation trail is approximately 7 miles long. It’s a greenway with asphalt surfaces for easy riding, meaning beginning bike riders will have a great time honing their skills and enjoying scenic views at Sunset Pond. 

With bridges to cross, shade to enjoy, and a view of the freeway as you cross over, this trail offers a variety of scenes to keep your biking trip exciting. The trail’s endpoints are at Richmond Road and Hawthorn Parkway or Sulphur Springs Drive and Hawthorn Parkway.

Black River Bikeway

The Black River Reservation is a popular destination for visitors, with more than half a million people visiting the park each year. The biking path is an all-purpose trail that follows the Black River and stretches for over 5 miles. 

The park also has several picnic areas you can stop at for a break while biking, and the trail is family-friendly, as it also offers a sand volleyball court, a playground for kids, and plenty of open space for relaxing and playing. This trail usually takes about three hours to complete.

Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway

A script-font Cleveland sign is just one of many features that make the Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway a great trail for bikers who like aesthetically pleasing views and photo opportunities. The trail spans 17 miles and has asphalt surfaces. While biking this trail, you also get gorgeous views of downtown and Lake Erie. The Lakefront Bikeway is about 30 minutes from the center of Bedford, but the views are worth the trip.

Bedford and East Rim Trail

The Bedford and East Rim Trail includes over 36 miles of biking and hiking paths you can explore. It completes a full loop of the Bedford Reservation and may be better for more experienced bikers — especially mountain bikers. 

Some parts of this trail are paved, while others are not. Parts of the trail may change direction each day, so it’s important to check the trailhead markers for direction information. The East Rim Trailhead is only 12 miles from the center of Bedford, or a 15-minute car ride.

Emerald Necklace Trail

The Emerald Necklace Trail has about 70 miles of both road and asphalt routes. The trail offers facilities, parking, and views of vertical hillsides and rivers. You can find parking for this trail at Wallace Lake and the Bike-Hike Trailhead. 

Some sections of this trail may be rougher than others, so it’s important to choose rugged biking equipment when preparing for the journey. A bike with wide tires can help you make your biking experience on this trail smoother. From the center of Bedford, it may take about 30 minutes by car to get to the Emerald Necklace Trail.

Freedom Trail

This biking and cross-country skiing path allows you to bring pets, so you can bring your furry best friend along for the ride. There is a bike repair station available near the Middlebury Trailhead. 

On this bike ride, you may see coyotes, bald eagles, or white-tailed deer native to the area. The Freedom Trail follows an unused railway corridor, making it a great spot for a photo opportunity. It’s also about 25 miles away from the center of Bedford, meaning it may take about 30 minutes by car to reach.

Headwaters Trail

The Headwaters Trail is in Portage County and features a surface of crushed limestone that stretches for 8.5 miles, making it a great trail for a whole family of bikers. You can also hike, cross-country ski, or explore the natural surroundings. 

Headwaters Trail is a part of the Buckeye Trail and offers several parking areas, picnic tables, and trailheads. Getting to Headwaters Trail from the center of Bedford can take about 30 minutes by car.

North Coast Inland Trail

The 12-foot wide asphalt path making up the North Coast Inland Trail is available for non-motorized bikes and other sporting vehicles. It’s a great path for accessible parking, as you can find parking options for the trail at the Gateway and Butternut Ridge Trailheads. 

The trail goes past an old train depot building, which can be a good spot to stop and rest. There are several restaurants along Main Street that welcome bikers, and you can replenish your supplies at one of the many shops in the area.

Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail

Biking on the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail can help you explore the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and take advantage of the scenic region’s beautiful views. The Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail is open 24 hours per day and offers a railroad shuttle bikers can use. With over 20 miles of trail, the park is great for bikers of all skills to enjoy. The Ohio and Erie Canal bike path is about 20 minutes away from Bedford by car.

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These are our picks for the best biking trails in and around Bedford, Ohio. Ranging in length and difficulty, each of these trails can offer something special to different biking enthusiasts. Did we forget to add a local favorite? Reach out today and let us know so we can update the list.

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