How to Find a Reputable Used Car Dealer

Red Honda Civic at a Car Dealership

As new cars, trucks, and SUVs become increasingly expensive, more people look for their next vehicle at a dealership that sells used or certified pre-owned vehicles so they don’t break the bank. If you’re looking to purchase a used car or trade in your old one, you must find a reputable used car dealer that…

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At What Mileage Should You Trade in Your Car?

Auto Speedometer

If you’re thinking about trading in your car for a better one, knowing the preferred mileage to trade it in can help you get a better trade. Depending on how low your mileage is, you could be able to trade your car in for something even better than what you currently own. Our experts at…

What You Should Know About Your Credit Score When Financing a Vehicle

Keyboard With a Green Credit Score Button

Securing auto financing is one of the most complex and challenging aspects of the car-buying process. You must meet specific requirements to qualify for a car loan, one of which is the minimum credit rating. Check out this helpful guide to better understand how your credit score can affect your auto loan.  What Is a…

6 Reasons Why Buying a Used Car Is Preferable to Buying a New Car

Grayscale Photo of Cars at a Dealership in Bedford, OH

Many still think that exclusively buying new cars is the way to go. Though that’s perfectly fine, those drivers miss out on several perks that come with choosing a used or pre-owned model.  Keep reading to see why you should get a used car instead of a new one. Taking Advantage of Depreciation Most of…

Why You Should Consider Trading in Your Vehicle

Pre-Owned Ford Vehicles

If you’re thinking about upgrading your current vehicle, it’s helpful to consider the trade-in options at your local dealership. Depending on your vehicle’s value, it could bring you a substantial cash offer. You can also apply your trade-in value to your total purchase, saving you even more. Created by our expert team at North Coast…

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5 Reasons to Purchase an SUV As Your Next Vehicle

April 25th, 2022 by
Nissan Murano SUV

There are multiple options to choose from when browsing a dealership for the make and model of your next mode of transportation. If you’re looking to transition from a car or truck, then one selection that stands out from all the rest is a sports utility vehicle (SUV). Its internal components breed power and efficiency….

Benefits of Buying a Used Vehicle in Bedford, OH

February 3rd, 2022 by
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Shopping for a vehicle is exciting, whether you’re considering a brand-new model or a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV. Although it might seem more appealing to opt for a shiny, new vehicle, buying a used model comes with several unique benefits.  This article breaks down some of the upsides to purchasing a pre-owned, rather than…

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Caring For Your Vehicle During the Winter in Bedford, OH

January 20th, 2022 by
Car parked in snow with two people nearby

Just like the seasonal wardrobe changes you might make to keep you warm, your vehicle might also need a winter makeover to stay in tip-top shape. Taking proper measures to prepare for cold weather is crucial, as it can prolong the lifespan of your automobile. While regular auto maintenance is essential year-round, it’s especially important…

Best Used Cars by MPG

November 30th, 2021 by
A speedometer of a motor car

The best way to save with a used car is to look for a vehicle that gets you the best gas mileage per gallon and save for years ahead. Check out our list of used cars by gas mileage to see which cars offer the best MPG ratings — including some used models that get…

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