How to Find a Reputable Used Car Dealer

As new cars, trucks, and SUVs become increasingly expensive, more people look for their next vehicle at a dealership that sells used or certified pre-owned vehicles so they don’t break the bank. If you’re looking to purchase a used car or trade in your old one, you must find a reputable used car dealer that can help you with all your needs. Here’s how you can find a reputable used car dealer, whether you’re looking for a reliable used family vehicle or you need a used vehicle for work.  

How Do Used Car Dealers Work?

Unlike dealerships that sell vehicles based on the automaker, used car dealers generally don’t have an affiliation with any particular automaker. Instead, they gain much of their inventory from used car auctions or wholesalers. They may also get their inventory from trade-ins, resulting from customers interested in upgrading their current vehicle for a new one. Used car dealerships use various resources to determine what to pay for a vehicle and what to sell it for so that customers can get the best possible price. 

This differs significantly from new car dealerships, which receive their inventory at an invoice price that’s often the same as what an affiliate would charge, making it easy for customers to determine what a vehicle might cost. The invoice prices of used cars may be less available, but reputable and trustworthy dealers try to reveal what a used car costs them. 

Like a new dealership, used dealers may negotiate with buyers and offer special incentives like discounts. These work to entice buyers to purchase a vehicle from their used inventory by helping them save money. In addition to providing customers with a cheaper alternative if they need a replacement vehicle, many used dealerships operate a service center where customers can go if they have car trouble or require regular maintenance. 

How Do Used Car Dealers Make Money?

Like a new dealer, a used car dealer makes money primarily by selling vehicles for more than they originally paid, offering extended warranties, financing deals, and selling services and parts to customers needing them. By obtaining a lower interest rate on the loan they offer to customers, used dealers can make more money. Used dealers also have an advantage over new dealerships in that they can work with customers who might have bad credit and wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain a loan. 

Used dealers also offer extended warranties to buyers so they won’t have to pay for expensive repairs if their vehicle breaks down unexpectedly. Offering customers an extended warranty gives them peace of mind and enables the dealer to make money. Since a vehicle manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover most used cars, many buyers choose to purchase an extended warranty directly from the dealer. Many used dealers also make money by offering buyers a service contract similar to an extended warranty but cover general maintenance like oil changes or tire rotations. 

How to Find a Reputable Used Car Dealer

Choosing to purchase a used car is often easier with a reputable used dealer that’s well-known and understands the automotive market. Finding a reputable used dealer is often just as important as locating the right vehicle for you. Here are a few ways you can determine whether a used dealer is reputable:

Consider Manufacturer Reputation

Part of purchasing a used vehicle involves determining your preferred brands. Several manufacturers are known for making reliable, long-lasting, innovative vehicles. Remember that every used dealer generally sells the same range of vehicle makes, so it’s often more helpful to narrow your list of used dealers according to the vehicle manufacturer. 

Assess the Dealer’s Reputation

After identifying the brands you prefer, you can assess each used dealer’s reputation. Typically, you can find used dealers by visiting your favored manufacturer’s website to locate the dealerships closest to you. Once you find the dealers nearest you, you can assess their reputations by reading customer reviews online or on the Better Business Bureau website

Evaluate the Dealer’s Services

There are many factors to consider when evaluating a used dealer, such as the prices they charge, whether they’re flexible on pricing and willing to negotiate, the inventory level and whether they accept trade-ins. You may also want to consider whether your preferred used dealership offers any perks like free oil changes and tire rotations after a purchase. 

See if Certified Pre-owned Is an Option

If you want a used car that doesn’t have a lot of miles on it yet, see if the used dealers near you offer certified pre-owned vehicles. Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is a helpful way to find a used car, truck, or SUV that’s in exceptional condition. These vehicles undergo extensive dealer inspections before they’re available for sale. 

Benefits of Buying From a Used Car Dealer

There are numerous benefits to purchasing a vehicle from a used dealer over a new one. It’s almost impossible to predict the condition of a vehicle purchased from a private party, but with a used car dealer, you can ensure that you’re buying a vehicle in good condition. This is because most used dealers have a stake in their community reputations and try to establish a recognized and respected name for themselves. Most used dealers thoroughly inspect the vehicles in their inventory before selling them to buyers. 

Many buyers also prefer used dealerships because of their high-quality customer service. Reputable used dealers put effort into ensuring that each customer’s experience is positive. Many also provide helpful financing options to those unable to pay for a new vehicle on their own.

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