The Best Golf Courses in Bedford, OH

Whether you’re an avid golfer looking for excellent courses to keep your skills at the very top or a casual player looking for courses to enjoy with your friends and family, the area around Bedford, OH, offers some great courses for you to use. The courses in this area come in all shapes and sizes, and each offers its own unique play that can keep you coming back for more. From nine-hole classics to 18-hole masterpieces, you can enjoy these courses while you test your golfing skills. Please keep reading to learn more about the golf courses near Bedford, Ohio.

Big Met Golf Course

Big Met Golf Course is a golf course where you can enjoy either a round of nine-hole golf or the full 18 holes. The length of the nine-hole course is approximately 2.25 hours long, while the 18-hole course is 4.5 hours long. The pace of the course is to play “ready golf,” which means you keep up with the group ahead of you. Ideally, each hole is approximately 15 minutes long. On the 18-hole course, you can take a maximum of a 10-minute break between the front nine and the back nine. Otherwise, you risk losing access to hole 10.

Little Met Golf Course

Little Met Golf Course is a single nine-hole golf course. Initially, Cleveland Metroparks set up the golf course to assuage the local golfing community’s worries while building Big Met Golf Course. However, its original design was a temporary measure, so some of the original features are noticeable, such as the tees and greens being level with the surrounding terrain. The region still maintains the golf course, allowing more people to access courses than they otherwise would. The pace of play for Little Met Golf Course is “ready golf,” just like the nearby Big Met Golf Course.

Manakiki Golf Course

Maniki Golf Course is a public course just 17 miles from downtown Cleveland. It has both a nine-hole and an 18-hole course. The entire course has a variety of hazards such as up-and-down shots, doglegs, water hazards, a variety of different holes, and back-to-back par-five holes. Like other courses in the area, the Manakiki Golf Course has a “ready golf” pace, meaning you should keep pace with the group ahead of you. Par times for the courses are 2.25 hours for the nine-hole course and 4.5 hours for the entire 18-hole course. You can take a five-minute break between the front and back nine.

Mastick Woods Golf Course

Mastick Woods Golf Course is a leisurely nine-hole course designed to ease the overcrowding of both the Big Met Golf Course and the Little Met Golf Course. It’s an executive course, so it’s an excellent match for new golfers, juniors, and others who want a faster game of golf. The course still follows the 15 minutes per hole pace, meaning it is like the other courses with their “ready golf” paces. The Park District designed the course in 1964, allowing players to experience the Appalachian woods with views of only trees and the sky.

Seneca Golf Course

Seneca Golf Course is the highest point in the entirety of Cuyahoga County. It boasts an excellent 36 holes with pricing for both a nine-hole game and an 18-hole game. It is a championship-length course that tests the skills of experienced golfers and hosts regular tournaments. The course’s most notable features are lengthy par-4 and par-5 holes. Like the other courses in the area, this course supports a “ready golf” pace, with nine holes taking approximately 2.25 hours and 18 holes taking 4.5 hours. The most notable hole in the course is the eighth because of prevailing winds and water hazards.

Sleepy Hollow Golf Course

Sleepy Hollow Golf Course is one of the top five golf courses you can play in Ohio. It features both nine-hole and 18-hole play, offering shotgun starts for tournaments. The course hosts both amateur and professional events, including qualifiers for the USGA and, on alternating years, the Cleveland Amateur Championship. The course has a “ready golf” pace, with a five-minute break between the front nine and the back nine for the 18-hole course. It has the classic “out and in” style of play, where the early holes on both of their nines play downhill, but the incoming holes play uphill and against the wind, giving players an extra challenge.

Shawnee Hills Golf Course

Shawnee Hills Golf Course is a course with 27 holes in total. It has a classic 18-hole regulation course and a 9-hole par-3 course. Like other courses, it has a “ready golf” pace. It offers lessons for both juniors and seniors to learn the basics of playing golf. The most challenging hole in the course is Hole #4, a par-4, uphill, tree-line, left dogleg hole that was initially a par-5 hole. It’s 469 yards long. According to the local golfers, it may be the most challenging hole in the Cleveland Metroparks system. The course is excellent for players of all skills.

Washington Golf Course

Washington Golf Course is a nine-hole, 29-par golf course. It also features a 26-station driving range where you can practice your long drives and their accuracy. The course opened in 2006. The course is an Audubon International Certified Gold Signature Sanctuary. This means the course is well-maintained and environmentally friendly. Like other courses in the Cleveland Metroparks system, the Washington Golf Course uses the “ready golf” pace of play, giving an average time of 2.25 hours to complete the entire course.

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